How to get noticed as a 3D Artist?

If you're a 3D artist struggling to get clients, big brands & studios to notice you, this article is for you.

Getting noticed

Getting attention today on social media is tricky. There are many incredible artists, so how can you ensure you get noticed among them? Don't be discouraged; by the end of this article, you'll feel much more confident and have the tools to make it. First, we need to calibrate our mindset to think straight. Even if you're a creative person and 3D is the one thing you wish to do all day, the reality isn't like that if you want to make it. There are two things you need to think about when it comes to getting more clients:

  1. It's like any other business.
  2. It's about People.

It would be best if you marketed yourself like any other business. How do you do if you're a carpenter and want to get work? You network. You talk to people. You show them references. It's the same for 3D artists, no difference—just a different industry. Connect with your heroes in the industry. Ask them how they did to make it. Reach out to brands you want to work with, show them your best work and tell them how it will increase their growth and generate more money. People won't always come to you; they are to busy with their own business and life.

Network and connect to get more clients.

Why not start the day by sending five emails to brands you'd like to work with? If you do this each day, I promise that it will eventually lead to getting more clients, and you'll start to earn more income. This is one side to the whole topic. Then there's another side.

You, The brand

Your brand. Who are you? Do you do consistent work that follows a specific style? If not, this could be an excellent idea for you to follow up on. Create a constant feed, high-end work that follows a particular style; everyone should be able to see that it's your work! This will draw more attention to your profile and make more people notice you. Another area that's important is to make sure everything in your production is top-class, that involves sound as well. A great production is made up of two things 50% visuals and 50% sound. Don't forget sound. Reach out to a sound design studio such as us at Foxhill Arts to get help with enhancing your visuals. Great sound design can do wonders for your animation and take it to a level it wouldn't have been on without it.

More ideas

Another great thing to try is getting a representation. They can help you with client outreach, budget negotiations, estimates, contracts, project management, client oversight, vendor paperwork, invoicing, and payment tracking. This can help you to focus mainly on your art. The last thing you should keep in mind those days when you feel things are hard is your track record; look back at the things you've accomplished. Don't forget to see your progress! You're a kick-ass creative! I hope this article made you feel confident and optimistic. If you need sound design or any other audio-related service, contact us at Foxhill Arts HERE. Good luck!