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Explainer PRO | Buttons & Switches

Explainer PRO | Buttons & Switches

$ 29.99 USD

Juicy, snappy, round, satisfying. All the Buttons & Switches you need for your project. 200+ Sounds. High-Quality .WAV-files (24-Bit / 48kHz). Fully meta optimized. Carefully mixed & mastered to -1 dB. Compatible with all major NLEs and DAWs. Simply drag n drop into your project. Size: 107 MB. 100% Royalty-Free.

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Premium is a fancy word. But we really mean it.

We've spent a great amount of time creating and developing this package with the video content creators in mind. All the buttons & switches do not only sound good, but they are also fully metadata optimized to ensure full speed workflow. All of the sounds are mixed & mastered with carefulness and contemplation by industry veterans and professionals. Each sound has gotten its own treatment; no batch processing has been applied. All to ensure each sound effect reaches the full sonic potential. No shortcuts.

What sounds are included?

You'll find the following types of Buttons in the pack:

  • Spring Buttons
  • Plastic Buttons
  • Metallic Buttons

Switches included in the package:

  • Spring Switches
  • Plastic Switches
  • Metallic Switches

Types of performance included:

  • Multiple button clicks
  • Press & Release
  • Single

The holy metadata

All Sounds are searchable with specific values such as material, softness, fast or slow-release etc. Making it easy to grab the right sound straight away; no more wasting time.


As a bonus for you, we have taken the time to record several round robins that can be used with ease. This package lets you eliminate the machinegun effect and achieve improved realism in your productions.

Who is this pack not for?

All the sounds in the Explainer PRO - Series are not directly aimed at the film industry (Due to 24 Bit / 48kHz) but can, of course, be used as long as downsampling or down pitching is not involved. If you're looking for sound effects that have been tailored for the film industry, we recommend that you check out our upcoming product line Cinematic Platinum - Series that soon will be released.