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Based in Lund, Sweden, with an international spirit

Although we’re based in Lund, Sweden, we work internationally, and our passion for global business is boundless. Foxhill Arts offers powerful post-production audio, sound design, original music, and a range of other specialist sound services. We work for clients across a variety of industries, from film and TV to online advertising, motion graphics, and more. Our services encompass audio post-production, mixing and mastering, original music production, immersive audio, foley, and sound design. We can collaborate with teams based anywhere in the world on projects of any size. Get in touch to learn more about how joining forces with Foxhill Arts could make your production sound design elegant, expressive, and effortless.

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World-class, high-production value, audio design

When we say world-class – we mean it because our clients come to us from all over the world. When an Australian motion graphics studio needed sound design for their project "The Oodie", they chose us. Lamborghini (UK) is another internationally renowned client that was thrilled with our sound design for their Huracán - Akrapovič video. The goal was to make the audience experience the power of the Lamborghini exhaust system. Even via small speakers (for example, on a smartphone), listeners could feel the roar of the engine. Good sound design is all about that. It’s about feeling. It’s about receptivity, perception, and the creation of memorable, inexplicable feelings.

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Everything starts with a conversation. Get in touch today, and we’ll learn all about your sound design requirements. You can discover more about our gold-standard studio and specialized sound production team. From there, we can put together a package for the project and agree on a competitive price that aligns with our commitment to international excellence.

Our previous clients loved working with us 

Our previous clients include top hotel brands, retailers, award-winning documentary and animation production companies, and luxury car manufacturers. We’re easy to work with because we focus on the core principles of quality design, responsive project management, and polished production results. If you’re looking for an audio production house that can offer you a range of audio post-production services on an ongoing basis, we might even be your long-term collaborators. However, we’re also open to new business and new one-off projects.

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We love working with directors, producers, motion graphic designers, visual post-production studios, and many other businesses and professionals who bring audio and visuals to life. Clear a little space in your diary, and let’s see if we click? We’re ready to speak on the phone, call +46 (0) 70 713 88 13. Via email at Or you can book a meeting right now. 

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